SABA - Summer style - latest thoughts

Summer is going strong, and summer looks are everywhere. 

I recently decided to hop on over to SABA's website to play around and see how they're presenting in that space. I also checked out their facebook page.

So here are my latest thoughts, back to front:


SABA on facebook is a great community and well served by loads of competitions and freebies. For example, when I checked, there was a Likes competition to win one of their must-have Summer bags. I pledge allegiance to no one brand, but I will say SABA bags look fantastic, and along with their shoes are the pick of their accessory range. Recommend becoming part of the fun with a Like. After all, likes are free.


SABA's site is full to the brim. They're talking a lot about SABA elements - eight core building blocks for one's wardrobe. That's from their blog. Check out elements for women, and elements for men. They've done a good job simplifying things to consider for the fashion hopeless, but they are also good reminders for people who know how to dress themselves.

I mentioned Summer, and their Summer stripes are a lovely look. I liked their Willa Stripe dress - the blue is deep and rich and is everything Summer should be about.

One word though in general - be wary during February, which traditionally has the most number of overcast days. A basic tip: be sure to consider how you will look under those light conditions if you're out during the day. Weather is difficult to work towards, but try.

Sticking with the blue/indigo theme, their butterfly maxi dress is also gorgeous.

Their range is, as always, terrific, with jackets and vests for work wear sure to please. Also, if you like one of their new stylish looks (men and women), press 'select all' for a printable 10% voucher to take with you when you head into store.

Too much to talk about, really and I've barely touched on SABA for men. I'll wrap up here, however do check it out.

Head there now: