Wear your Bear this March

Bandaged Bears are back in 2012. Yes, the ultimate fashion accessory - cute, fuzzy, warm bears are going to be everywhere.

But it's not just about the clip-on bears that have been around since I was young - there are furry plush bears as well, and they have cute pins for the first time this year. These are all going to be available in March at, according to the Bandaged Bear Appeal website: Best & Less, HCF, Blooms chemist, St George and Starbucks.

And there's even more: You can (and should) register to hold a Bandaged Bear Breakfast anytime this March for the Bandaged Bear Appeal and help raise funds for the Children's Hospital at Westmead's great work. At school. at work, even as an excuse for a catch-up with friends, it's a great feel-good way to start the day.

Just too busy? You can always donate as well, and let other's know that they should, too. Spreading the word really works. In fact, head to the homepage and you should see a banner giving you a way to multiply your good deed hundreds if not thousands of times!


Please help The Children's Hospital at Westmead do their amazing work.


Which way have you helped? Did you make a donation, share the word, plan a breakfast, or wear your bear? Say so in a comment below!

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