Ties 'n' Cuffs - First Impressions

I've recently spent a bit of time at Ties 'n' Cuffs.

Because first impressions count, here's what I've found out about them. 

Ties 'n' Cuffs have an excellent range of quality silk ties (including "not-so-skinny" and they had a "5 for $99" sale on skinny ties when I checked) and a great selection of cufflinks - including sterling silver designer cufflinks and novelty cufflinks (sports team colours and emblems from AFL to NBA basketball), and of course they specialise in custom made ties and engraved cufflinks.

But they stock a lot more.

Here are some highlights (note the quality brand names):

Ties 'n' Cuffs will dress a budget-conscious person very nicely. They also offer corporate custom made ties and gear as well.

They are big on their AFL cufflinks and other sports items, so if you love your team, consider showing that you really mean it. 

Ties 'n' Cuffs has been synonymous with personalised cufflinks and other quality mens accessories for around 7 years now. In reality, TNC are quite famous for an Australia-based online store, and if you hadn't heard of them til now, it's great to have introduced you.


I should mention in passing that TNC have an interesting blog. Do you agree, for example, with their recent blog post encouraging a timeless approach to fashion for men that want to turn heads? 


Where to from here? Head on over to Ties 'n' Cuffs. Try them. Order something nice - for yourself, or as a gift (they have a selection of gift sets), and after it arrives, let me know your own thoughts in a comment below.

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