The 10 Per Cent Rule...

I read a great book some years ago called 'The Richest Man in Babylon' by Og Mandino that offered up a very simple concept of saving 10 per cent of every dollar you earn or that comes to you - (gifts, inheritances etc).

This money is not to be touched or used for 'a rainy day' but should be put somewhere safe or preferably (now that we live in the modern world) in a compound interest earning bank account.

Many financial experts actually suggest that you try to save a lot more than a tenth of your income but living with the global financial crisis this may not really be too feasible.

Over a lifetime it is surprising how much money accrues by sticking to this law of 10 per cent savings - remember it is one tenth of EVERY dollar!

Give it a go and perhaps your unstable superannuation (retirement) payments will not be such a risky backstop anymore.