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  Fashionistas - found you a good one: 

Motto is an excellent online store with Australian made designs and with one of the best ways to guide your experience that I've ever seen. To give you an example of how easy it is to find what's right for your body, they have a:

  • Booty Lift Collection
  • For Your Home
  • Dresses and Tunics
  • Pants
  • Vests
  • Skirts
  • Jackets and Cardis - loved these

And most importantly - check out the Inspire Me tab: Apple shape, Essentials, Pear shape, Professional Woman, Saturday night, Size 8s and 20s. THAT was the most helpful fashion section I think I've ever found.



The designs are beautiful and sexy (Lauren Browne clearly knows what she's doing), and the images they use show you front and back so you can see how the garment looks and sits either from front and back or close-up and at a further distance.


They also have a newsletter, and if you sign up for that you get $20 voucher instantly which is just terrific.

Perfect for Christmas if you're shopping for gifts, or looking at post-Christmas sales, they are decent prices for the quality of design and fabric.

OH. Completely forgot to mention - free shipping on orders over $150 Australia wide AND (and this is rare still, unfortunately) Free returns and exchanges. 


So zip up and check out Motto. Totally recommended by yours truly!