Adore Maternity for babies and mums - much more than I expected

This shop was a terrific find. If you're browsing for baby products online or gorgeous maternity wear (for pregnant or nursing mums) you might want to take a look at Adore Maternity.

Actually I found a lot more than that:

They have a range of soaps, organic baby massage oils, lotions, and washes called Little Innoscents which I think - looking at a few of the product descriptions and organic ingredients - are wonderful,  and (very importantly in Australia) the Babies Only range includes Babies Only Clear Zinc Sunscreen. We know Down Under how much more important it is to keep kids protected from the sun the younger they are, and I'm often amazed how parents in other countries just aren't as concerned.

Lastly, when I checked they also had 50% off some very cute bamboo baby body suits


That's for baby. For mums with newborns on the way there are some surprisingly stylish dresses, and the Sweet Dreams Maternity Sleepwear looked very well priced for the functionality it provides. In fact my only real gripe is that there were only 6 items in the dresses section. Would like to see more of the same. 


For mum and baby they stock the Milkbar portable nursing pillow for breastfeeding. So often you'll see one mum leaning forward during feeding time and later complaining of a bad back - this product helps you adjust the height where the child rests so you're more comfortable.

I'd seen it around but if you are thinking about it or anything mummy-baby products better to pick it up from here because Adore Maternity has free shipping available around Australia on most items.


So check it out now while you have a free moment (rare for mums, I know!): Adore Maternity

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