Nursing Angel = looking after mother and baby (and fathers) in every way

One of the best things about breastfeeding accessories and stylish maternity wear being available on your computer is that when you're heavily pregnant or caring for your new born - the last thing you really want to do is spend hours plodding around shopping centres picking up those things or baby care essentials.

You spend a lot more time at home especially during the last trimester but also throughout the 9 months. Being pregnant is every bit as wonderful as they say it is - but it's exhausting too.

An Australian online maternity and nursing store that should be bookmarked immediately is Nursing Angel.


Nursing Angel is heavenly and different.


For one thing, they aren't all about product. They provide fantastic, free motherhood resources that answer common parenting questions and address areas of concern such as Blocked Ducts & Mastitis and Working & Breastfeeding. Additionally, they have a blog and a growing Facebook community as well. For resources that are not free but still very affordable, see their Books, CDs and DVDs section, where you can find the true literary gem, "Breastfeeding Sucks" ($15).


Nursing Angel stocks maternity wear, motherhood essentials and accessories, however they specialise in breastfeeding, breast pumps and baby carriers.

Top areas to visit:

Selection of stocked brands:


A word on breast pumps. These can be absolute lifesavers, and one of Nursing Angel's key points of difference is that they offer breast pump hire in Sydney as well as selling them outright. One example is the Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump Hire . 

There is a lot to explore on Nursing Angel, far too much for this one blog post. Spend some time there now if you don't have the link open already.



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