FREE ‘Pet Central’ on Direct-Choice

Hi there!

Just wanted to quickly let you know of the recently launched 'Pet Central' on Direct-Choice.

Pet Central is designed to become the destination of choice for pet lovers across Australia. It is a completely free directory for breeders and people wanting to list an animal such as a dog or cat.

Why list your through Pet Central?

Simple. Pet central gives you the ability to:

  • List your kennel and breeder details and be recognized in the breeder directory. Participate in the ‘online community’ and provide ‘breed review’s and ‘breed ratings’ that are made available to people new to a breed or new to pet ownership.
  • List your upcoming litter(s) well before they are born. This will allow you to select the new home for your offspring well in time.
  • List current offspring or a mature aged pets to find a suitable home.

Enquiries received through the site will be provided to you in a secure way to your nominated email address. Personal details such as your email address and contact phone number will not be disclosed to anybody visiting the site or making an enquiry directly to you.

If you are interested, you can visit the site at:


Remember, it's completely free so well worth giving it a shot as there is nothing to lose!


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