The Face of Social Media Has Changed – Power to the People

Social Media Marketing has changed and for the better. Social Loot is a brand new concept that pays you real cash to refer your friends to your favourite brands using blogs, social media and email. There are 700 businesses in Australia that are part of the program and it seems to be growing at an amazing rate.

It is really simple. Their partner businesses create a campaign outlining a few key messages that they want spread via social media and setup a budget defining how much they are prepared to pay per referral. You sign up for a free account and choose which businesses you want to promote and which of their messages is a good fit for your friends/followers. Everything is tracked and once you have made a few referrals, Social Loot pays you via Paypal. They have a cool video that explains it all. It really makes sense. I know that I have often promoted businesses, which benefits them, but I got nothing and this makes it fair for everyone.

Some of their partner businesses include: Spreets, Roses Only, Cracka Wine and Digi Direct but you can see a full list of Social Loot businesses on their website.

Another cool thing, is that they support a growing list of charities and encourage you (for no fee) to help raise awareness.

You can earn a couple of hundred dollars a month – but be warned that they have a strong ‘NO SPAM’ policy and a lot of checks in place to ensure that you are only promoting businesses that you feel will honestly benefit your friends.

I encourage you to join Social Loot – I did and it genuinely works.

Brought to you by Social Loot - Refer your friends, be rewarded!