Tap2Table - Stylish Table Top Beverage Dispenser

I was recently made aware of the Tap2Table systems.

After considering how the product functions and all cleaning and other accessories (such as the crucial drink ice chamber), I am ready to recommend its use at a number of venue types. Tap2Tables would suit any of these situations:

  • beer gardens
  • hotel function rooms
  • hotel restaurants and breakfast areas
  • wedding halls
  • taverns, bars, pubs
  • breweries
  • caterers
  • etc

It's quite clever, the Tap2Table website suggests you can use the base as ad space - either to reinforce your branding, highlight specials/special events, or for third party advertisements.

My understanding is that it is RSA compliant, so no problems there, and you can easily manage that in multiple ways in any case: 6 glass minimum, serve only at the bar, etc.

Suits any beverage, from soft drink to cider, cocktails to Guinness. 

To find out more about them, check out Tap2Table's website, and you can order the table top drink dispenser here


Once you've experienced your Tap2Table units, I'd appreciate if you wrote a comment below with your thoughts.

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